We saw the light at the end of the tunnel

We saw the light at the end of the tunnel: With giant tunnels to be finished in 2015, not only roads, but also cities and regions will be connected. Speed ​​and security will also increase in transportation.
Increasing comfort with divided road projects, the government brought historical tunnel projects to the finishing point. Tunnels that will be opened one after another in 2015 will bring together not only the roads but also cities, regions and countries. The "Ovit Tunnel" on the Rize-Erzurum road will be completed in a year. İkizdere-İspir Road, which does not provide passage for 6 months due to snow, will be opened and it will meet with the Black Sea-GAP. The “Lifeguard Tunnel” in the Artvin-Hopa region has reached the completion point. With the 7.3 km project, the Black Sea will be connected to Iran. The “Kop Tunnel” on the Erzurum-Bayburt road will be finished in 2015. The 5 km tunnel will meet the Black Sea with the East and Southeast and shorten the road to neighboring countries.
The 1.6 km Karahan Tunnel on Malatya-Kayseri road will also be completed next year. With this project, this section, which is passed in 15-20 minutes, will be exceeded in 3-5 minutes, and winter waits will be a date. The 4.3 km Geminbeli Tunnel on the Sivas-Susehri road will be completed in 2016. East and Central Black Sea will be connected to Central Anatolia and south.

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