Tunceli - Erzincan Road Access Has Closed

Tunceli - Erzincan Road Closed for Transportation: 40'inci kilometer of the road between unceli and Erzincan, while returning from the threshold of disaster, the road was closed for a while due to large rocks falling from high sections
Tunceli-Erzincan highway 40'nın kilometer of the 14.00 ranks today at the Dokuzkaya Mevkii two giant rocks fell.
The average weight of the two 300 tons of rocks specified, due to the softening of the earth due to falling rain fell due to the softness of the earth was expressed.
Chance artifacts in the absence of vehicles showing the road to a small amount of rocks closed to traffic.
When the construction machinery was inadequate to remove the rock fragments from the road, the construction machinery was requested from the Tunceli Highways Directorate.
Transportation is provided on a single-lane controlled road and some loaded trucks and truck-like large tonnage vehicles are not allowed to pass.
Ramazan Karslı, the truck driver who distinguishes the rocks from falling, said, de When I turned the curve, I saw a cloud of dust smoke. I thought it was an earthquake. When I stopped, I saw two rocks fall. A little stone fell in front of me after I stopped. 15-20 fortune work, I survived with seconds, ”he said.

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