Forklift Operator Training for Prisoners under TÜDEMSAŞ

Forklift Operator Training for Prisoners within TÜDEMSAŞ: A forklift operator training was organized for 9 convicts by Sivas Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, Probation Directorate and Public Training Center. Convicts who successfully complete the course will be given an 'operator certificate'.

23 convicts, who successfully completed the 9-day course, first received a week of theoretical training at the Public Education Center. After successfully completing this training, 9 convicts moved to practical training. Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ), convicts who successfully completed the training given by machine technology teacher Lütfü Şahin, were entitled to receive an operator certificate.

Ramazan Bayraktar, one of the prisoners who attended the course, said, “We consider this course as a right given by the state. We try to make the most of it. "The aim of the people here is just the bread case, we want to have a business with the certificate we will get here," he said.

Tuncay Baral, Director of Public Education Center and Evening Art School, stated that they received a demand for this course in this direction and said, “We organized this course in order to bring these citizens to the society. It was an important course for them to have a profession and to integrate into the society after their punishments are over.



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