Train kidnapped terrorists caught wounded

📩 01/12/2018 15:54

Train kidnapped terrorists were wounded: In Balıkesir, a hundred policemen participated in a drill. At the train station, a hundred police officers, 112 and firefighters from the Balikesir Police Department participated.
Cops in Garda area, waited for the train to arrive. Special-time police, the train with the arrival of terrorists to announce the train wanted to leave. Terrorists who did not leave the train and said that there were bombs on them were disabled by the introduction of special operations on the train.
One of the terrorists was injured in the operation. The wounded terrorist 112 was taken to the hospital by ambulance teams. After the operation of special operations, the bomb disposal expert disarmed the installed bomb assembly in the train. Passengers were released in police custody without getting hurt from the train. The action that did not call the action films was completed successfully.

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