Brochure response to tramway

Brochure reaction to the tram: Professional rooms, the delivery of the place despite the construction of 5 month has not started for Konak and Karsiyaka Tram projects "Ear to ear tram" information brochure criticized the Metropolitan.

Konak and Karsiyaka Tram projects, which have been tendered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality about 5 months ago and delivered to the contractor firm but have not yet started to construction, have also been the subject of criticism of professional chambers affiliated to TMMOB. About the project that is of great importance in solving the public transportation problem in the city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a brochure, professional chambers, accusing the public of not informing the public. The members of the TMMOB Izmir Provincial Coordination Board who distributed the information brochures whose name they gave from the word 'ear to the tram' at the entrance of the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar accused the Metropolitan Municipality of not showing a transparent structure during the project phase.

City Planners Chamber Izmir Branch President Özlem Şenyol Kocaer read the press statement on behalf of the Provincial Coordination Board, said that the Metropolitan Municipality has not taken a participatory approach in the tram project on the city's agenda and transformed the project from the press. While preparing tram projects, Kocaer claimed that the needs and ideas of the people of Izmir, who are the real owners of the city, were ignored. Ş Metropolitan Municipality did not exhibit a transparent structure during the project development process and it was asked to be satisfied with the information spreading from ear to ear. Detailed examination reports and recommendations of our professional chambers in accordance with the information they obtained with limited facilities were forwarded to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is carrying out the tram project, and it was requested to revise the project by taking into consideration the suggestions presented. On the other hand, as in the process from the beginning of the tram project to the development process, while the information sharing with the relevant circles cannot be made, the persistent attitude in not exhibiting a participatory approach is maintained Buna.

The brochure prepared by professional chambers was prepared under the main title of 5. 'Why we prepared this brochure' under the title of the chambers of the city responsible for transportation of professional chambers of the project at any stage of the project does not take into account any suggestions offered by the professional chambers of the city, the main owner of the city was not given attention to, the principle of participation was not implemented.


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