Training for Transport Training Drivers

Training for Transport Training Drivers: The drivers of the transportation service in Bodrum were trained by Bodrum District Gendarmerie Command Traffic Supervisor and Bodrum Chauffeur and Carrier Chamber of Tradesmen.
In the training given in the meeting hall of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, the importance of the work they do to the drivers, the maintenance of the vehicles and the rules of highways traffic rules must be strictly adhered to were emphasized and slide shows were made about the subject.
. We organized a training seminar for the members of the district gendarmerie command who worked in the transport system. Our commanders in the gendarmerie traffic supervisor informed themselves about the issues that our drivers should be aware of. We have entrusted our children to school.
As Bodrum Chamber of Chambers, we will frequently repeat such information seminars according to the branch of our members. We would like to thank our provincial gendarmerie commanders for their support in this kind of activity. Bu

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