Winter tourism will evolve with Kayseri model

Winter tourism Kayseri develop the model will spread to the base of ski tourism between the winter sports indispensable, for the first time in Kayseri Erciyes Inc. applied in Turkey model will spread to the broad base, will be made attractive in terms of price.

A panel was organized in collaboration with Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) at Sabancı University Minerva Han and the Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists (TUYED). TUYED President Kerem Köfteoğlu directed, Southern Marmara Touristic Hoteliers Association (GÜMTOB) President Haluk Beceren, Kayseri Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board. Murat Cahid Cıngı, IPC Researcher and TUYED member. Cenk Demiroğlu and Şener Şen, an expert from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, participated as speakers.

The development of winter tourism in Turkey emerged as the first model of public land was transferred to the Municipality of Kayseri Erciyes Inc. restructuring that led to receive priority information about Dr. Cıngı said: "The legislation does not have a mountain in Turkey. Erciyes A.Ş., founded under the leadership of Kayseri Municipality, has taken priority in developing winter tourism. We are implementing the biggest project of 300 million euros in Anatolian history. Within the scope of the project, 21 units will serve the hotel. With Erciyes Tourism Master Plan, we intend to take a big share in the tourism sector. Erc
He emphasized that his models will now be applied in Sivas Yıldızeli and Erzurum Palandöken ski resorts. Cıngı ended his words as follows: “The management of these places will be carried out by the public from a single source. Ski centers, which will be managed by municipalities and private administrations, give us the chance to use public power just like Erciyes A.Ş. When we first opened, we provided free service to the public. Sometimes we deliberately hurt. We keep our prices low. While we want 300 TL per season, some ski resorts want 130 TL per day. Operating models of ski centers are very important. Public power is absolutely necessary here. ”


IPC Researcher and member of TUYED Cenk Demiroğlu, 80 pointed out that ski tourism in the country was done ına 115 million snow sports enthusiast in the world. The number of 400 million ski resorts per day has not changed for the last 10 years. Ski tourism creates a serious domestic tourism movement all over the world. There are 14,6 million in Germany, 6,3 million in England, 3,5 million in Russia and 1 million in Holland. 19 million people participate in winter tourism annually. Thousands 750 139 thousand meters above kmxnumx, while over a thousand meters 2 3 2 thousand kmxnumx'lik land with the number of people participating in winter tourism in Turkey is estimated at 220 thousand. With the right growth model, this number can easily find a few million. Doğru

"In Turkey, all have the Alps to the ski area," said Dr. Demiroğlu said, “However, with climate change, this area is getting narrower. According to international research, around 2 million square kilometers of snow cover is lost in the world. Our ski center in Turkey 40 years ago, while 1,4 meters of snow, snow today in the state in 1 meter below. Climate change is decisive in terms of winter tourism. The artificial snow solution can handle up to 20 years. So because of Turkey's new investment planning in this area it has the advantage of making it. " In the form continued.


Turkey's oldest winter resort of Uludag development of the centers and information transfer GÜMTOB Chairman Haluk Beceren about how today came of tourism in Uludag Austria, noting that the center of the business, such as Switzerland, "began with summer tourism, not with public support, came to the present with the efforts and initiatives of the private sector. ” said.

Saying that a new runway starting from 2400 meters will be built in Uludağ, Beceren said, “We have 7 thousand beds. The largest bed capacity belongs to the Armed Forces. In the winter season, 15 thousand people visit Uludağ daily. Traffic jams at the weekend. Sometimes people say road and parking is not enough. However, the density in these dates is very high. Otherwise, we have a place in Uludağ. However, as the operator, we can move limited due to the National Park. There is a cable car construction in Uludağ. If this line ends, it will be the longest cable car line in the world. The city will be accessible in 20-25 minutes. It will increase the number of excursions in the summer. ” said.


Panel World Tourism Organization, sharing the data that various figures about Turkey's tourism share and revenue of Culture and Tourism Ministry of Tourism Expert Sener Sen, is working on a new master plan for winter tourism ministry, noted that the announcement of next year, most likely plan.

Şen, who said that one of the 7 tourism routes planned in tourism is the winter tourism route, drew attention to the importance of winter tourism in diversification of tourism. Shown between destinations which are important for winter tourism, Uludag Bursa, Erzurum, Palandöken, Ski, Sarikamish, Mount Erciyes, Kocaeli Kartepe, Bolu Kartalkaya, Kastamonu Ilgaz, Isparta projects in Davraz and Sener providing information about planned investments, "the mountains in Turkey only The master plan has to be prepared and handled as a whole. ” said.