TMMOB: 3. flight security at airport

TMMOB: 3. No flight safety at the airport. TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board getir The reduction of the project elevation from the 3 to 105 meters of the airport, which resulted in the tender, will make this airport inoperable. Because the 70 meter elevation, land direction, according to international flight safety criteria, landing-take-off is not possible, unda he said.
Union of Turkish Chambers of Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board (IKK) within the Ministry of Map and Cadastre, Environment, Geological Engineers and City Planners Chamber Istanbul Branches of the working group 3. shared their technical report about the airport with the public.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Branch at a press conference, TMMOB İKK spokesman Suleyman Solmaz, Yildiz Technical University, Department of Transportation, retired faculty member. Dr. Prof. Dr. Zerrin Bayraktar, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Yıldız Technical University Dr. Beyza Üstün, member of the Chamber of Surveying and Cadastre Engineers Selin Bostan attended.
70 at elevation
105 meters in the airport auction, the height of the elevation of the auction is completed and the construction of the 70 meter to the meter after the TMMOB IKK spokesman Solomon Solmaz, 105 meter in the EIA report 2 meter 500 million cubic meters of the amount specified as 70 million cubic meters at the height of the 420 million cubic meters underlined that the fall.
Solmaz explained the consequences of this change as follows: ın If the airport runways are constructed according to the 70 meter elevation, it is not possible to use aircraft engineers and scientists based on the simplification of aircraft where the descent and take-off of aircraft from the south of the airport is theoretically impossible. Either the existing hills will be trimmed or the airport should be built according to the 105 meter elevation as stated in the tender stage.
But 3 where there are hills to be shaved. Bridge passes the motorway. In this case, the change of the project levels of the highway, which has been tendered and whose construction is ongoing, will be on the agenda. The deduction of the project elevation from the 105 to 70 meters of the resulting airport will make this airport inoperable. Because the 70 meter elevation, land direction, according to international flight safety criteria, landing-departure is not possible Çünkü
Airplanes hit the North-Marmara Motorway
Selin Bostan, a member of the Chamber of Cadastre Engineers, presented the 2 3 of the XNUMX. aircrafts in the application of the airport at the time of the landing and take off would not be possible.
Bostan, Sabiha Gokcen Airport applied in the application of the 8 inclination of the 90 meter will be provided only a rise in meters.
Bostan, 70 meters in the case of stay in the north of the runway passing through the North Marmara Highway would create a danger, he said.
Bostan said: The southern part needs to be completely trimmed. However, the northern Marmara Motorway passes through the southern hills. When the plane is lifted, it will hit the North Marmara Highway or these roads will be trimmed.
”Where you get the project, you have it“
Bostan stated that the dominant winds of the Black Sea will be effective in the north of the airport. Due to the winds, the technical unit of the Turkish Aeronautical Association is currently not able to give approval to this project, R he said.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, although the 2 year-long birdwatching studies without commencing construction work that says Solmaz, bird-plane collision risks are not evaluated, this situation will increase the risk of aircraft accidents, he said.
”Only possible on paper“
Construction on the 7650 hectare area, such a floor on paper, but it is possible on the Solmaz, "a better location selection, project costs and time will pull down the process," he said.
Istanbul's drinking water supply threatened
The airport project stated that Terkos Dam, which provides a large part of its domestic water to Istanbul, remained within the protected areas. Solmaz said that construction activities would cause pollution in the lake, and that the lake would lead to a decrease and pollution of the lake as a result of the destruction of the rivers in the project area.
Terkos Lake, Alibeyköy Dam and the ongoing planning phase of the ongoing Pirincçi Dam emphasizes the pollution of Solmaz, ı Airport and planned 3. The new settlements, forest areas and other habitats will be destroyed between the bridge, Kanal Istanbul, Ağaçlı-Çiftalan. köprü
Speaking at the meeting, Faculty Member of Department of Environmental Engineering Dr. Beyza Üstün stated that not only Terkos but also all streams and groundwaters are under threat, z Istanbul and Thrace need to be touched on the water basins and forest system here and should not be touched Bey.
”It does not benefit Istanbul or the country“
Professor at the Department of Transportation. Dr. Zerrin Bayraktar is the 3. reminded that Silivri region was shown in the 'Istanbul Environment Layout' plan which is accepted as the constitution of Istanbul for the airport. 3. bridge, 3. Bayraktar said that airport projects mean destruction for Istanbul and said, “Things are being put in front of us by imposing projects. Istanbul should not benefit from this project, which is clear to the country should not be done ül said.

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