Workers shut down Northern Marmara Motorway

The workers closed the Northern Marmara Motorway: 3. Bridge Workers on the north of Marmara Motorway Fenertepe connection road, 6 for months to stop working on the grounds that they can not get their money, the road closed to traffic.
The workers, who started to disassemble the pillar of the high voltage power line they built, said that they would close the way until they got their money. Built between Polenezköy with Garipçe Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge North Marmara Motorway connection path Fenertep workers, shut down transportation of 6 months on the grounds they did not receive their money.
About 50 workers protested the situation with the 100 truck, construction machine and concrete mixer, and began to dismantle the high-voltage power line pole they built. Workers throwing the pieces down the pole, reacted to the situation by burning the tire.
“WE CAN NOT GO TO OUR HOUSE if we can't get the money“
Mustafa Usta, İş 3. I work at the Bosphorus Bridge North Marmara Motorway. With my team, I couldn't take our money for 6 months. I made the iron, wire and poles of this place myself. They don't give me my money. They postpone our money, we have checks, we can't pay.
We can't give money to the workers we run. I can't go home, I can't send money to my child's school. This is all our trouble, we want our money, we're not doing anything wrong. Give them our money, let's go to our house, or here in the cold, why wait. Let the authorities see us and let us hear it, wherever they are. We have done our job, let them come, let's complete if there are.
Engineers and other officials were in our heads now where are they? I have about 3 million will get. I did every job. Now we're doing it as we do. The man says that the blacksmith is waiting for his money, and when he can't, I'll buy my iron. Tell me what do I do now? S
Mehmet Can, one of the workers, said, İş We have receivables. We cannot pay the salaries of our workers. We owe hundreds of people. 5 months, we can't get our money. We cut our bill, Hak-Et signed our work. Today is tomorrow we are shaking 5 for months. They don't give us money, we're victims. We want to eliminate our victimization.
When we ask the state does not give us money, we can not give you money, "he said.
Total 500 7 100 million people claiming that the workers will take, until they get their money to continue the action of the road shut down, he said.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:57

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