Karşıyaka One thousand 300 trees are in danger on the tram

Karşıyaka 300 trees are in danger in the tram: In the Fahrettin Altay-Konak Tramway project of the Metropolitan, 1700 trees were cut down on the coastline before. Now too Karşıyaka It is stated that 1300 trees will be removed from the route where the tram passes.

Due to the Fahrettin Altay-Konak Tramway project, which İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu made a rush tender before the election, despite all the warnings before the elections, cutting down 20 trees, most of them 1700 years old, on the coastline was brought to the agenda. Karşıyakagreen texture of the. Karşıyaka It is stated that about 1300 trees will be removed for the tram. Konak and Konak, which Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu conveyed to the people of Izmir as an important transportation project, but has not started to be built for 6 months despite the site delivery. Karşıyaka The number of natural plants, trees and flora of the region related to tram projects were determined. Study in Karşıyaka It was also claimed that the trees and plants growing for years on the route the tram passes will be adversely affected.

9.7 kilometer-long 15 station with stops Karşıyaka It was pointed out that exactly 1300 plants will be moved to another location on the tram line. It was emphasized that the municipality officials were planning to transport plants and trees to suitable places where they could be transported, while those who could not be moved were in great danger. In particular, according to the preliminary report that emerged during the examination, it was claimed that palm trees, which are many meters long, may not be able to adapt to the land conditions in the new places they will be moved. It was noted that the experts made statements that the palm trees removed after the transportation process will not grow in different areas again.

TMMOB İzmir Provincial Coordination Board Transportation Commission responded to two important tram projects of the city, which is expected to be grounded in the coming days. Proposing criticism and revision to the Metropolitan, professional chambers will explain their objections to the people of Izmir with visual elements. Mansion and KarşıyakaIt decided to explain the mistakes made by distributing brochures to the public as of December 27, due to the fact that the demands of the professional chambers, which offered new proposals for the new transportation system to be implemented in Turkey, were not taken into account and the necessary explanations and information were not provided from the municipality. Since the reports prepared by the transportation commission of the city planners who demand some corrections under 21 headings about the tram and containing comprehensive information were not accepted by the Metropolitan Municipality, the said information was transferred to the brochures prepared.

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