Tekirdağ Mouth and Dental Health Hospital Road is being constructed

Tekirdag Mouth and Dental Health Hospital Road is being constructed: Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality, Mouth and Dental Health Hospital Road construction of the last days about the speculation found in a press release found. The statement made the following statements.
Sağ Existing access to the exit from the Tekirdağ Ring Road to Oral and Dental Health Hospital by 100 m. Before and 100. Afterwards, highway and exit projects have been prepared many times and the highways 1. He was sent from the Regional Directorate for necessary permits. 20.10.2014 date and 94430767 of 175.09-178067 / 1 Highways. According to the article of the Regional Directorate, it is appropriate to design the road of separation and joining the highway standards and the project to be approved by the Regional Directorate of Highways, to be transferred to the zoning plan and to be transferred to the hospital by the Metropolitan Municipality if the connection is terminated. 100 m. Before and 100 m. After the application was made in the field and the road was opened. 990 tone Ballast, 290 Tone By-pass, 302 Tone Type C (5-12 mm) crushed stone, 66 Tone Type B (12-19 mm) crushed stone, 242 tone stone. powder; 1900 tons of materials were used. After the improvement of the weather conditions, asphalt pavement works are performed on the road where the basic and sub-basic works are completed ın
On the other hand, the Department of Science Affairs teams, Oral and Dental Health Hospital road construction work continues uninterrupted.


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