TCDD wall for safety

TCDD wall for life: Petrol Ofisi Primary School and Gazi Secondary School students will go to school by passing through the tracks. TCDD 6. Regional Directorate, to prevent the danger of the wall is knitting.
Our news announcing the danger of death of students going to school by passing over the railway that separates Cemalpaşa Neighborhood and Ziyapaşa Neighborhood in Adana resounded. While the Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to stop the danger faced by the students of Petrol Ofisi Primary School and Gazi Secondary School, started the works required to make the underpass, TCDD 6th Regional Directorate, which wanted to take permanent precautions against the danger, started the blockade to prevent the transition. Stating that the wall would not be a solution, the parents of the students said, “An underpass should be built here immediately. Because the road gets too long, ”he said.
As it is known, Petrol Ofisi Primary School and Gazi Secondary School students go to school every morning by using the train road that separates Cemalpaşa Neighborhood and Ziyapaşa Neighborhood. During this dangerous and death-smelling transition, young students are accompanied by their parents. The first positive reaction to the news of SABAH Güney, who announced this danger in the headline with the headline "Not a school, but death road", came from Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü.
“It was very good news,” he said at the exit of the assembly meeting. I immediately directed our teams to the area. I wanted a parade for the students. Necessary to do ”he said. While these words of President Sözlü created satisfaction among the parents, TCDD 6th Regional Directorate officials also started the construction of a blockade to block these forbidden crossings until the passage. When the parents of the students reacted to this wall, chaos ensued, the police intervened.
Parents of the students said, “Our children who get up early every morning use this road to take a shortcut to school. TCDD is building a wall here. The road will be very long. Now the weather is fine. But what will our little puppies do when it's raining and cold? We urgently want an underpass to be built in the area. Especially when it gets dark after school. Our children are afraid. What will happen, TCDD and Metropolitan bring an urgent solution to this situation, ”he said.
TCDD 6th Regional Directorate officials stated that they find this reproach by the parents justified, but the important thing is life safety and said, “It is dangerous and forbidden to use train tracks. It is wrong for parents to hold their children by the hand and pass the rail. It is not possible to understand how a parent does this. That's why we are building a wall. Our aim is not to make people difficult, but to ensure their safety. "If parents think healthy, they will understand that what we are doing is right."


Günceleme: 01/12/2018 15:54

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