Tarsus And New Roads Renewed

Tarsus and Yenisee Roads Renewed: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, Tarsus district and Yenice in the streets and streets asphalt work renewed roads.
According to the written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Directorate of the Department of Civil Works as part of the asphalting works carried out on various streets and streets of Tarsus and Yenice, Atatürk, the State of Yenice, Doctor State Garden, Uğur Mumcu and Yenice Neighborhoods, Yavuz Sultan Selim Street, 1135 Street , 2450, 2466, 4082, Tarsus Kırklartepesi 3679 Street, Kasımekenler Boulevard, Genç İzzet Street, 4 million 49 thousand 180 tons / kg asphalt was poured in Kavaklı Neighborhood.
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz said, Mersin The streets and streets are the mirrors of a city. As long as the roads don't have a modern look, we can't talk about the development of that city. For this reason, asphalt attacks continue in the regions that are needed throughout the city by evaluating the complaints received from our people with the findings of our teams. Bu



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