Asphalt left banner

Asphalt remained banner: Metropolitan Municipality of Sivas waiting for two years, waiting for the asphalt two months ago, hanging with the 'asphalt work' banner hope the residents of the neighborhood of Pamuklar, the work wanted to stay on the banner.
For many years waiting for asphalt Yenimahalle district of Pamuklar District Sivas Street, the Metropolitan Municipality 'asphalt work' two months ago despite the work of hanging banners infuriated the neighborhood. Hoping to hang with the placard that they hoped Pamuklar Mahallesi Ali Osman Ozcan, "for two years, waiting for the asphalt roads to be made before the winter, we've been sent to the muddy road again," he said. Özcan said that the study should not only stay on the banner, demanded that the road be paved.
In the summer months with the dust from the road, in the winter that they fight with mud Özcan said, "In the winter, as we are dealing with mud in the summer, because of the dust in the summer, our citizens can not open the window of their homes," he said.
Faruk Şahin, one of the inhabitants, suffered from asphalt as well as electric poles and substructure insufficiency. Şahin said that his phone and internet could not be connected to his new home. Apı We cannot get telephone and internet lines due to lack of infrastructure. Because of the road because we are ashamed to call a visitor to the street, the power pylons that seem to be demolished and he said.



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