Found in Taksim subway

📩 01/12/2018 16:08

Missing girl was found in Taksim Metro: 21-year-old Moldovan Ana Gore, who disappeared from her mother in Istanbul, where she came for the holiday, was found in Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital.

Liuba Gore, who has been living in Istanbul for 15 years and became Turkish citizen, lost his daughter while filling Akbilini in the subway. The mother, who applied to the police, stated that her 21-year-old daughter, Ana Gore, came to her for a holiday and disappeared in the Taksim Metro. Anne said, “We went out with my daughter. We were in Taksim subway. While a tourist wanted to help Akbil full moon, he suddenly disappeared. I asked for help by security guards. But it was not found. I thought maybe he got back home. When I went home he was not at home. I think my daughter has been kidnapped. ”


Upon the application of Anne Liuba Gore, the Office of the Missing Bureau launched extensive work. All security camera footage in the area where the young girl disappeared was examined. During the searches, the young girl was found in Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital. It was determined that Ana was taken to the hospital by ambulance 4 days after disappearance. It is investigated that the young girl, who has been reported to have psychological problems, is with whom she is in 4 days. Ana Gore will be kept in hospital for another 3 days. The police called the mother and informed her that her daughter was in the hospital.

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