Workers dismissed in the construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel

Workers dismissed in the construction of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel started the action: 2 subcontractor workers who were dismissed last month while working in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was started on the Izmir - Manisa highway and is planned to reduce the transportation between the two cities to 15 minutes, claiming that they have not paid about 175 months of wages, seniority and notice payments He took action in front of the 3nd Regional Directorate of Highways and asked for their receivables to be paid.
The works in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which is one of the 35 projects planned by the AK Party government in Izmir and whose foundation was laid on September 9, 2011, stopped a while ago due to the financial difficulties of the company carrying out the construction. The firm dropped 175 workers last month. The workers, who argued that they could not get severance and notice payments as well as their approximately 3-month wages, today, the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways took action. Yaşar Beşli, a 40-year-old worker who said they were in a difficult situation, said:
“I have been working at the company that built the tunnel for 3 years. On 30 November, our work was terminated without any notification. There were a total of 175 people who were fired, and they were all in a difficult situation. Our 3 salaries, severance and notice payments were not paid. It is stated that our problem will be solved during our meetings with the authorities, and we decided to take action today to express our situation. Highways Regional Manager noted that the payment schedule will be announced shortly. We will continue our struggle to seek our right. The contractor company paid all of its employees' salaries last Friday, in order not to be punished by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and had no legal responsibility to their employees. But we, the subcontracted workers, are the victims of the job. If there is no money, where did they pay their own employees? If there is money, why are our receivables not paid? We will continue our actions until our receivables are paid. Our friends are still waiting at the construction site. ”
After the press release, workers returned to the construction site of the tunnel. Workers are waiting on the construction site.


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