Onion Village Bridge opened for transportation

Onion Village Bridge was opened to access: Onion Village Bridge connected to the center, which was completed with the budget of the General Secretariat of Agri Special Provincial Administration, was opened for transportation. In addition to the Onion Village, Yanikdere, Alkaklık, İkizgeçen, Kayayolu and Toprakkale villages will also benefit from the bridge service. With the opening of the bridge, 4804 citizens will benefit from this service.
Cesim Gokce, the General Secretary of Agri Special Provincial Administration of Agri said in his statement that under the construction works of Onion Village Bridge with the financial, personnel and vehicle facilities of the Special Provincial Administration, 3500 m3 filling material and the stabilized road level of the platform width 6 meter were increased to the bridge height level. Bituminous hot mix asphalt study is done.
Stating that a total of 14 bridges have been built and presented to the service of citizens with the budget of the Ağrı Provincial Administration General Secretariat together with the bridge built in Soğan Village, Gökçe said, “The opening of the Soğan Village bridge, which has shown great interest in its citizens, is very pleasing. The satisfaction of our citizens in our services has increased our excitement. While the road standard is improved, on the other hand, art structures are made. ” said.
Gökçe stated that they have made 425 km of bitumen hot mix asphalt, especially in recent years, by giving priority to asphalt construction works. “We raise the standard of our low-stabilized roads and make them ready for asphalt construction, with financial facilities and work machines in the renewed machinery. The activities for improving the standard of the roads are carried out with the Special Provincial Administration facilities without a tender, and the activities are carried out faster and at a lower cost. ” made a statement.




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