New year warning from Chamber of Drivers

New Year's warning from the Chamber of Drivers: New year, the first time determined to drive an alcoholic vehicle 727 pounds not 800 lira will be fined. The punishment will increase each time.
Chairman of the Çorum Chauffeurs and Transporters Chamber, Tahsin Şahin, stated that as of January 1, fines imposed on drivers who drive alcohol will be applied as 727 pounds rather than 800 pounds. Indicating that the punishment will increase each time, Şahin said: “In 2015, the driver who used the alcoholic vehicle for the first time will be fined 800 lira, the driver who is found to have used the alcoholic vehicle for the second time, a fine of 3 thousand lira, and drivers who use the alcoholic vehicle for 3 or later will be fined 609 thousand lira. . "
Falcon, the alcohol meter in the case of blowing the driver's license will be taken back for two years and these drivers will be sent to court at least up to 2 year imprisonment, he said.
Alcoholic vehicle users who each time the 20 penalty points were cut Corum Chauffeur and Transporters Chamber President Tahsin Sahin, said:
"Drunken drivers in car backwards in time xnumx'inc 5 years 1 months, at a time xnumx'inc year 6, 2 and 2 years xnumx't over the court drivers being banned from driving. In addition, drivers will be subject to training training for driver behavior retrieval for 3 years, and drivers who have been withdrawn for 3 years will be subject to psycho-technical evaluation and examination by a psychiatrist. The drivers must have fulfilled the requirements to be returned at the end of the retrieval period, and all administrative fines imposed must be collected.
Take precautionary measures for accidents that may occur during the night of alcohol consumption. I would like to remind that those who are determined to use alcohol during the night-time checks will be forced to pay a fine and their driving license will be confiscated. New year's night outside the home of our citizens who will spend alcohol while driving. Our taxi stops will be on duty. They should definitely take advantage of our taxi stops. Take care to icy on New Year's Day when heavy winter conditions are experienced. The biggest reason for the fatal traffic accidents that have occurred so far is alcohol, the imprudence. New Year's Eve is not a traffic monster. This is to comply with traffic rules.
In recent days, our tradesmen are known to suffer from the problems caused by the Fast Transition System (HGS) and suffer from these problems. Due to the current grievances, the General Directorate of Highways in interviews before, was stopped on the passage of the notification of violations, according to retroactively re-examination of the violations have been duly notified of the proceedings contrary will be canceled. First of all, in relation to the transitional violation, the relevant Regional Directorate of Highways or the Directorate of Highways Directorate of Highways must be challenged in writing. The account associated with the transitional system, the toll is obligatory to have the fee to cover the case where there is sufficient balance to pass the HGS account within seven days to the account unless adequate amount invested, tolls are collected as a floor suspended on with him. For this reason, continuous control of account movements and balances associated with the transition system is of great importance in terms of avoiding a penalty.
Furthermore, since the HGS system charges the plate to the defined account, the truck, tow truck and trailer / semi-trailers must be included in the system and the HGS card should not be used for any other vehicle other than the defined vehicle.

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