Dubs Placed at Death Crossroads

Bullets were placed at the junction of the death: Adiyaman-Kahta Highway, Hal Pazarı Junction at the junction of the accident occurred because of many people died due to accidents before the junction was placed in the junction.
Many people were injured and died in the Adıyaman - Kahta Highway, Hal Pazarı Junction. Finally, when a man who tried to cross the street died after a car crash, residents of the neighborhood reacted to the situation and asked for an overpass in the region where there were continuous accidents and closed the road for hours. Citizens who were closed to traffic and did not allow removal of the funeral were persuaded by the police and paramedics at the scene, the funeral was removed from the road and the road was opened to traffic in a controlled manner.
After the actions and reactions, dubas were placed on the road. On the one hand when the dubas were placed on the road from time to time, on the road by the traffic police began to be implemented radar application. Residents can not be prevented by these studies, said residents of the neighborhood, geç What killed lives here, how many people were injured. But no one cared until yesterday. After all these accidents, after all the fire, they got up and put a few pegs here. This is not enough to cut the speed of vehicles here. These dubas only split the road. Pedestrians can wait between the pontoons, but no matter how much pedestrians want to pass in a controlled way, there is no such thing as speeding up the speed of any vehicle. The drivers passing through here see the road as neat and wide and speed up as much as they can. But the work they do now is quite wrong. It would be better if they were placed in overpasses or traffic lights instead of these dubas. Let's see how much more accidents will happen and what will the lives of them? We always say, we will continue to say, this work does not prevent accidents, lives will go, orphaned children, homes will fall flames, uz they said.

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