Sekapark's architectural criticism from Kös to the tram ..!

Sekapark's criticism from the architectural Kös to the tram: At the end, concrete steps were taken for the tram, which was announced to be made in every election period in our city, but did not come to life.

Finally, we have brought a tram Anıtpark almost infamous in Turkey prior to the local elections, things were a period of pulling power.

Now the technical characteristics of the tram and its route were announced and it was stated that the first excavation will be taken in April.

Immediately after this statement, the architect of Sekapark, now living in Ankara, Talha Kös shared his thoughts.

Kös, who compared the project of the Metropolitan Municipality with the project presented by him, said:

"The first investment in the rail overlooking the city of Kocaeli in Turkey I am glad to be given the start for Akçaray. As a citizen of Izmit and as an Urban Designer, I want to contribute to the work done as an idea. Rail system is another purpose of public transportation; It is the removal of primitive transportation vehicles (minibuses, midibuses, articulated buses, etc.) from the city center. Within this framework, the tram project on the east-west axis has a contribution but is insufficient. Most of the settlement in Cairo in Izmit is in hilly regions. Therefore, although alternative rail system public transport systems on the North-South axis are not implemented now, they should have been included in the planning. I think it is ultimately inevitable to integrate the funicular rail system, which will provide access to hilly settlements, neighborhoods and even the university, into the rail system that is being worked on. For this reason, I wanted to remind the Kocaeli public and officials about the Izmit central integrated rail system proposal, which we are working on. I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the work, which is now at the tender stage. "



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