The astonished driver made his way to the Metrobus

The confused driver joined the Metrobus road: Those who crossed from the European Side to the Anatolian Side by Metrobus encountered a surprise in the evening when the traffic was heavy in Istanbul.

After passing the Bosphorus Bridge, there was heavy traffic at the entrance of the Metrobus road. The reason for this situation, which is not used by those using the metrobus, was not a malfunction.

The reason for the tail of the Metrobus was a stunned driver entering the Metrobus road, which he saw empty, after he had crossed the bridge to escape the traffic.

Metrobuses were lined up in a row because of the car, which had to go back from the BRT. Survivors of the drive to return to normal with the exit of the baffled driver Metrobus.



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