Sarıçam Municipality Continues Asphalt Work At Night

Sarıçam Municipality conducts asphalt works during the day and night: Sarıçam Mayor Attorney Bilal Uludağ, after having instructed to start the road construction works in the district, the Road Department of the Directorate of Science Affairs continues the road paving works day and night.
Sarıçam Mayor Bilal Uludag, Sarıçam'da road problem to solve the complaints after the work started in Yeşiltepe, Şahintepe, Yıldırım Beyazıt neighborhoods continues. On the one hand, the municipality, which works to solve the road problems of the old villages, has been working on the road unit of the Directorate of Civil Works asphalting the roads which are ready for asphalt. Sahintepe neighborhood in the week-late asphalt work teams running late in the day, during the daytime, the citizens quickly resolve the complaints. Repair, maintenance and repair works of the road in the Thursday market in İncirlik Hürriyet neighborhood were carried out. Again, the pavement and border studies are completed on all the streets asphalt works will continue in the coming days will be continued. In 2015, road construction works will be continued uninterruptedly.


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