Forgotten things on trams in Samsun surprised people

In Samsun, the forgotten items of the trolley surprised the viewers: the train-between the university-serving in the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun trams of the citizens forget almost nothing. The items forgotten by the officers are taken and are collected in a warehouse at the SAMULAŞ building. Forgotten items are waiting for their owners here.

Among the forgotten items, IDs, glasses, clothes, ney, bicycles, books, umbrellas, watches, toys, wallets and many materials, indicating that the presence of SAMULAS Support Service Manager İbrahim Şahin, forgotten and lost items in a warehouse and waiting for the owners said that they collect. Sahin, or Tramos and buses in the same time on the web site of the goods are published on SAMULAŞ. When our citizens come to us and reported their lost belongings, we are delivering the materials that correspond with the lost products in return for them. Vat

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