Rail System Accidents in Samseki Security Camera (Video)

In Samsun, Rail System Accidents In Security Camera: In Samsun, intersections and tramways involving tram and pedestrian and vehicle drivers were recorded by the security camera.

While accidents involving pedestrians and vehicle drivers in Samsun intersections and crossings are recorded by the security camera, SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan asked the pedestrian and vehicle drivers to obey the instructions of the signaling lamp and security officers. Recalling that there are 8 level crossings on the tramway between the GAR-University line, “There are 60 level crossings on the 16-kilometer route of our light rail system that carries about 8 thousand passengers per day in the direction of GAR-University. Our level crossings are regulated by traffic signalization and at the same time, our security officers working at our tram stations are inspected for the safety of life and property of our citizens. However, we would like to remind our citizens that the vehicle and pedestrian contact occurring should be very careful both pedestrians and vehicles while passing through level crossings and pay attention to the signaling lamps and the safety officers' warnings. Our primary priority is to ensure the safe transportation of our citizens, and not to endanger life and property security. Our citizens should be more careful. ”



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