Fake SAMKART Scandal in Sams

Fake SAMKART Scandal in Samsun: It was revealed that the fake of SAMKART, which is used in almost every stage of transportation in Samsun, has been launched.
It turned out that SAMKART was copied and the counterfeiters were launched in Samsun. According to Gülsüm Atik, a member of the team newspaper; In Samsun, it was revealed that SAMKART, which was used by 300 thousand passengers, was copied and the counterfeiters were put on the market. A comprehensive investigation was launched into counterfeit SAMCARTs.
In the news shared with the title of de Fake SAMKART scandal “; I In Samsun, it was revealed that the SAMCARTs, which were produced by a private company to ensure that people can travel comfortably, comfortably and safely, were presented to the market by pirated software developers. K
The news is as follows;
”Fake SAMKART scandal“
In Samsun, it was revealed that SAMKART, which was used by 300 thousand passengers, was copied and the counterfeiters were put on the market. A comprehensive investigation was launched into counterfeit SAMCARTs.
People in Samsun are comfortable on public transportation. In order to ensure that they can travel comfortably and safely, it has been revealed that SAMCARTs are produced by a special firm and are claimed to be highly secure.
In Samsun, 2007 was launched for the first time, and a large-scale investigation was launched on the recently established copying scandal in SAMKART, which is now used by approximately 300 thousand people. In the first years, the smart ticket system, which was used only in buses, was rapidly spreading along with tramway and finally it was used in the cable car and Tekel car park.
The system introduced in 2007 in Samsun, Asi Elektronik and the information systems Joint Stock Company were found to be fake cards on the market. The claims about the copying of SAMKART are quite interesting. High-ranking officials point out that the duration of the company that runs SAMKART, which thousands of people use in Samsun, will soon expire.
After the incident was noticed, a large-scale investigation was initiated by the Police Department and SAMULAŞ officials stated that the municipality did not suffer much damage due to the recognition of counterfeit SAMCART. The loss of the municipality, such as a small number of 161 TL managers, the investigation continued to be noted about the incident.
On the other hand, the card software company executives said that the card can be copied once. Authorities stating that all cards are registered, the latest event is not registered in the system with the card entry is determined as soon as possible. Officials at the highest level of SAMKART'S and 1K or 4K software system is used, indicating that the authorities, so the level of security is the highest level of expression.
On the other hand, a scandal related to the copying of SAMKARTs was realized through a social networking site. Youtube The scope of the investigation was expanded upon the identification of a video explaining in full detail how to create a fake by copying the smart tickets in the video shared over the Internet. It was learned that the investigation carried out by the Directorate of Information Crimes Directorate of the Police Department continued. ”
You are concerned with copying the smart card in questiontubehas many videos. Generally, from abroad, the smart cards used in almost every sector can be reproduced through various programs and readers.
Regarding the illegal application; 'Smart Card Copy', 'Smart Card Reader / Writer' searches made on the subject of many related to the topic.

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