Salman, "Bid for the Bridge Intersection"

Salman, “Make the Bridge Junction Tender”: Yalova Mayor vefa Salman called the General Directorate of Highways to bid for the Köprülü Junction tender as soon as possible.
Emphasizing that they have fulfilled the request of the General Directorate of Highways for the Köprülü intersection, which will have a great impact on the solution of the traffic problem in Yalova, Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman called out to the General Directorate of Highways, "Take a tender". Publishing a statement on the subject, Yalova Mayor Salman said, “There are some people, as you get to know them, you see that they differ and change. How a human being who speaks the same language with his mouth and heart, soul and body when he comes to the world becomes a person who forgets his past and denies what he says when he comes to some positions is a separate sociological and psychological research subject. The person that I left to Allah and then to the discretion of the public, who tries to speak differently and play in the stands as soon as he steps out of a different threshold inside; Within the scope of the risk of transportation and life safety, I would like to invite you to fulfill its responsibility at the stage of concluding the tender for the bridge intersection as soon as possible and starting the hospital project, which also fulfills its legal and administrative responsibilities by our municipality. "If the bridge intersection is not put into service in June and the foundation of the hospital is not brought to the level of flood on this date, this failure of Mr. Temel Coşkun, who is politically unsuccessful, will be confirmed once again."



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