Road Transport Agreement with Slovakia Signed

Black Road Transport Agreement has been signed with Slovakia: International Passengers and Goods by Road Transport Agreement was signed between Slovakia and Turkey.
Turkey Agreements on behalf of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Slovakia, on behalf of the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak was signed.
Minister Elvan expressed the hope that the trade between the two countries will be further improved with the agreement of Highways International Passenger and Goods Transport at the signing ceremony in the ministry meeting hall.
Stating that the most important feature of the agreement is that no transit document is required for bilateral transports between the two countries and transit transports between the two countries, Elvan said, “This is a very important development. However, a transition document for third countries will be sought ”.
That made the export of significant sections of the road and road transport in Turkey, indicating that there is a strong structure in the transport sector as Elven, the importance of the steps taken to liberalize the industry's attention. Minister Elvan noted that for this reason, they emphasized the liberalization of road transport in negotiations with other countries.
Elvan has stated that they have signed an International Road Transport Agreement with the 58 country so far.
Elvan also stated that the relations are not at the desired level in the field of civil aviation, and asked for a direct flight between the two countries.
Turkey in Europe with Bulgaria and Greece noted that out of the two railway lines connecting Elvan, extending the railway line to Greece reported that they started to infrastructure renewal work. Elvan said that this line will be completed quickly, so a fast, convenient and comfortable rail transport close to Europe will be possible in terms of passengers and freight.
"We are also interested in other modes of transport"
The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajcak, said the agreement was pleased that road transport had a chance to improve the legal ground.
Lajcak said the agreement will improve the trade volume between the two countries, Turkey and voiced their interest with other modes of transport to provide the connection between Slovakia. Lajcak said that the direct flights between Turkey and Slovakia, but was told that a large number of charter flights is carried out.
Stating that they will open the first public intermodal station in April next year, Lajcak said, “This will be a project open to all transit transport companies. We would like to draw it to the attention of all companies engaged in transportation between Turkey and Slovakia, "he said.
Lajcak said that they attach great importance to combined transport and that they are ready to support Turkish entrepreneurs on this issue.
After the speeches, Elvan and Lajcak have signed the Highway International Passenger and Goods Transport Agreement.

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