Radical suggestion for metros

Radical suggestion for metros: In the Metrorail Forum of Istanbul, the idea of ​​taking more tax from the houses that have increased value in the regions where the subway is coming will be raised. Lar We provide the most inexpensive financing for the metro, we are investigating it, Uzman the experts said.
The subways that stand out with the idea of ​​removing the government's service vehicles will be discussed at the international forum in Istanbul. Experts in the forum, the metropolitan areas where the value of increasing the value of the tax will be taken to raise the idea. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Transport Inc., Tunneling Association and Trade Matching Association, 9-10 will organize ği Istanbul Metrorail Forum ği in April. Koray Tuncer, President of the Trade Twinning Association, gave the example of the UK on the subways and said, ini The British are buying all the land in that area before they take the subway. He invests there and provides financing for subsequent metro projects. Orada to continue to invest in Turkey's subway voicing the need for such a model Tuncer, the words continued as follows:
Or For example, when the value of a house is in the subway, 300 is leaping from a thousand pounds to 400 thousand pounds. This requires more taxes from home. In the Forum, we will bring this idea to the agenda. We want this model in the UK to be discussed in the forum. now the Metro and aftermarket products to be produced in Turkey. Turkey no longer need to import from outside the car. How do we provide the cheapest financing to the metro? Because in Istanbul, Turkey, it has a serious traffic problem in big cities such as Ankara and Izmir. We want to solve this with subways. Metro is conducted in the state financed investments in Turkey. For this reason, we will bring additional taxes to the agenda from the places where the metros have recently come to the agenda. Thus, we will solve the financing problem for new investments. We work for such key projects. An environment will be created for companies to transfer the information. Firm

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