Tramway Project planned for Izmir

Tramway Project planned to be built in Izmir: City Planners' Chamber Izmir Branch President Kocaer: vay A participatory approach has not been demonstrated in the project of the city İzmir

Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, President of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, argued that a sergilen tram project Şehir in the city's agenda was not a participatory approach, and that public transport systems projects were hidden from the public.

Kocaer, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), Izmir Provincial Coordination Board members with a press release at the entrance of Kemeraltı, a more environmentally friendly and reducing the use of cars in the city, which is a public transportation project, said the tram was late in the implementation.

Kocaer stated that since Izmir city center texture is usunda ossified ın, it is impossible to get the maximum benefit in terms of both the determination of the route and the transportation planning in such large scale applications, and emphasized that the project is suspected of tür unplanned and unscheduled güz.
”No knowledge sharing, the project is hidden from the public“

He said that they follow the issue of determining the tram route in the press, the needs and ideas of the people of Izmir during the project phase is ignored Kocaer, said:

Katılımcı A participatory approach was not observed in the project of the city. Detailed examination reports and suggestions of our professional chambers in accordance with the information they obtained with limited facilities were communicated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is carrying out the project, and it was requested to revise the project by taking into consideration the suggestions offered.

On the other hand, although there is no information sharing with the relevant circles from the beginning of the tram project to the development process, the persistent attitude is maintained in the absence of a participatory approach. It is necessary to adopt the reality of the fact that the projects related to public transportation systems of the public, such as the tramway, cannot reach successful results by sharing the results of the surveys made with the city dwellers who are living on the route or by showing the fancy visuals produced in the computer environment. We hope that those who manage the city will share these and similar projects with the city population, who will benefit from the project, as well as the relevant professional organizations and specialized organizations. Kent

The members of TMMOB İzmir Provincial Coordination Board distributed the leaflets they prepared about the project to the citizens after the announcement.


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