Paving and Road Work from Muratpaşa Municipality

Muratpaşa Municipality Pavement And Road Work: Muratpaşa Municipality Meltem Neighborhood, bad use and infrastructure works due to deterioration of roads and pavements renewed, 6 kilometer also made hot asphalt pavement.
Acting on the principle of equal service to 56 neighborhood in its responsibility area, Muratpaşa Municipality; infrastructure works and use-related deterioration in the roads took care of the roads. Muratpaşa Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, infrastructure completed neighborhoods, primarily on the deteriorated roads, scraping old material and hot asphalt application is doing.
Electrical and natural gas works completed in the neighborhood of Meltem Muratpaşa Municipality Directorate of Science Works, Meltem neighborhood, using 7 thousand 200 tons of material 6 kilometer road covered with hot asphalt. On the roads, Muratpaşa Municipality teams, who completed the patch asphalt period, performed a total of 35 thousand square meters of asphalt work in the neighborhood of Meltem.
Muratpaşa Municipality teams, Meltem Neighborhood, as well as road works, pavement arrangement, disabled crossing roads, curb and road line applications are also doing. Crews; In the neighborhood, the total 24 thousand 800 square meter pavement improvement and 4 thousand 200 meter tulle disability crossing road work was carried out. Continuing the work of teams, curb and road line application will do.



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