Pavement and road laying in Akdeniz Yeşilçimen neighborhood started

Paving and road laying was started in Akdeniz Yeşilçimen district: Central district of Mersin In the neighborhood of Yeşilçimen, connected with the decision of the people in the Akdeniz Municipality, a frantic work was initiated within the framework of paving and road laying.
According to the written statement made by the Municipality of Akdeniz, on the streets of Yeşilçimen neighborhood connected to the Municipality of Akdeniz with the referendum made upon the request of the residents, the pavement and road arrangement program was started by the teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs. In some of the streets there was no study, while in others, only the asphalt pavement was excavated in all the streets in the neighborhood. Then the curb stones of the pavements in the streets are laid. Following the insertion of the keystones in the lower filler, compression was carried out. In some streets, concrete pavement was made due to low levels of houses. Teams that have completed the sidewalks of the 4 street in Yeşilçimen neighborhood until now continue their work in other streets. The asphalt program in the neighborhood will begin after the pavements of all streets are completed.
The co-vice president of Akdeniz Municipality, Ülfiye Özcan, Sebahat Gençtarih Cebe and Hakim Baykara, supervised the work of the teams in Yeşilçimen neighborhood. Hakim Baykara, Co-Vice President for Science Affairs, pointed out that the Directorate of Science Affairs carried out an intensive work program with different teams on one side of the city, 4 said, çalışma Yeşilçimen District has 14 grain streets in total. All of these streets are missing asphalt and pavement. We are now starting the pavement work and we will not leave the neighborhood before the pavement works are completed. Our neighborhood is a neighborhood that is newly connected to Akdeniz Municipality. Unfortunately, many municipalities have been deprived of their services from the past to the present. As the Directorate of Science Affairs of the Municipality of Akdeniz, we made a start in the point of eliminating the shortcomings in our neighborhood with the paving stone paving and concrete pavement in some streets. After the pavement construction, we will start our road-editing program in the same area. Kaldır



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