The toll is still the focus of discussions between coalition partners

📩 21/12/2018 17:56

The toll is again at the center of discussions among coalition partners: In Germany, the main project of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the junior partner of the Grand Coalition government, "toll charges for foreign vehicles" is among the agenda again discussed. SüddeutscheZeitung (SZ), which reached the first draft of the law prepared in the Federal Ministry of Transport under the direction of Alexander Dobrindt of CSU, stated that this fee is expected to be collected not only from foreign vehicles but also from vehicles within the country in the future. In the first draft of the law, "Future changes in infrastructure tax will be made independent of vehicle tax." statement was stated.
Minister Dobrindt announced that the fee will be charged for all vehicles only because the toll charges from foreign vehicles will not comply with the European Union (EU) laws, and that the car owners in Germany will be reimbursed from the automobile tax, so they will not make an extra payment. When the EU Commission disagreed with the vehicle tax and toll charges, Dobrindt and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble (CDU) worked on a new formula. Ministry sözcüSü, in a statement to SZ, stated that vehicle tax and toll charges are independent systems.
Thomas Oppermann, head of the federal Social Democratic Party (SPD), the partner of the government, said his party would not approve a draft law that would indirectly impose on German car owners. Oppermann pointed out that the Great Coalition Agreement was clearly cited as no additional burden on German motorists. Valerie Wilms, the Greens' transportation policy expert, said that sooner or later German car owners would certainly pay more and said, "This is not a promise, because it was promised, on the contrary."

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