How much does it cost to get to a cable car with hotels?

📩 01/12/2018 16:29

How much does it cost to take the cable car to the Hotels Area: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which breathes with deep-rooted solutions for transportation in Bursa, has been renovated and brought citizens to Uludağ with its modern face, and the cable car started to carry passengers to the Hotels Area.

After the test phase, the price list was determined with highly anticipated flights. According to the price list announced by the official website of Bursa Teleferik AS, the cable car, which departs from Teferrüç, will go to Uludağ Hotels Zone in return for 15 TL. Return trip fee 30 TL. 9 22 with the world's longest cable car in the list designated as the XNUMX is provided in minutes.

In the statement, also 0-6 age group, veterans and their partners, 1. The relatives of the martyrs will benefit free of charge. Disabled degree 50 percent of the citizens and their companions who 50 percent of all school students across Turkey "Located tax labels of that year, student ID cards" showing that yararlanacakk a discounted price, return rates for staff working in Uludag 20 TL. was determined.

Wheelchairs and pets are free of charge in cages, while 08: 00-12: 00 for 15: 12 is 00 for 17: 00: 50-XNUMX: XNUMX XNUMX for XNUMX: XNUMX: XNUMX. charge

7 08 00 20.00: 6-XNUMX between the hours of non-stop service and weather conditions due to "inability to provide services" in the Bursa Teleferik social media accounts and the Internet site announced that the announcement, the People's Day application, indicating that the authorities of the validity period of the XNUMX months, he said.

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