Project to Reduce Mortal and Injured Traffic Collisions

Fatal and Injury Traffic Collision Mitigation Project that will: EMBARQ Turkey, which aims to reduce the loss of life and injuries in traffic collisions Road Safety Laboratory was organized by the Project Closing Meeting.
EMBARQ Turkey's five provinces conducted by the Road Safety Laboratory Project, December 19 2014 Friday ended with the Closing Meeting. The public interest in the Road Safety Laboratory Project Closing Meeting, which is a side event of the TRANSİST 2014 organized by IETT, was of great interest.
opening speech of the meeting, Director of EMBARQ Turkey Arzu Bahçeşehir University Transportation Research Center Director with mullet was conducted by Mustafa Ilıcalı. EMBARQ Turkey within the scope of the meeting, the World Health Organization, offering software solutions for road safety analysis PTV officials and local government representatives about sharing their views and experiences on road safety.
EMBARQ Turkey 2014 year in Antalya, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Istanbul and Konya, to reduce fatal and injury collisions, Bloomberg by Philanthropies and 3 support, Road Safety Laboratory (RSLAB) developed the project. Stakeholder meetings were held in five cities where the project was carried out, where local authorities such as transportation, planning, infrastructure, and provincial safety and traffic directorates and relevant non-governmental organizations came together. During stakeholder meetings, he made information about the importance of road safety and traffic accident data in transportation planning. EMBARQ Turkey and the Danish Road Safety Audit Firm Consultants cons of the technical team composed of experts, the project's field work is carried out by performing in cities has analyzed the accident data for the last three years. As a result of road safety analysis, the road safety inspections were carried out for the most dense points of accidents, and the suggestions for improvement suggestions were presented to the relevant local government representatives.
"Injury and death cases in Turkey cost of 20 billion Turkish Liras"
According to World Health Organization data, annually 1.3 million people die in the world and 50 million people are injured. In Turkey, 4.000 people losing their lives in traffic according to official figures; However, after the collision of the patients who lost their lives in the hospital after the death of approximately 10.000 citizens are losing their lives. 200.000'dan fortunate person is injured. Security General Directorate officials, Turkey socioeconomic costs of injuries in traffic collisions and fatalities indicate that 20 billion.
”The life of 500 will be saved by preventing the 70 collision“
EMBARQ Turkey Road Safety and Transport Laboratory Project Coordinator Engineer C. Tolga İmamoğlu, "the most intense troubled region used to have prepared a report addressing each province. In these reports, we provided engineering solutions that are cost effective and easy to apply to local governments. In line with the analyzes and evaluations we have shared in our reports, we present the proposed analiz black dots ”that we have identified with accident data obtained from the Provincial Security Directorates and the solutions we propose for these points. Thus, collisions with the most densely seen areas, called black dots, can be prevented by the improvement efforts. If our proposals are implemented in five provinces, 500 will save lives in total while preventing traffic collision in 70. Beş
3 factor that causes mortal and injury collisions:
• Human factor
• Environmental factor
• Road factor
3 recommendation for improving road safety:
• The most important method to minimize the human factor in collisions is awareness raising and awareness studies. To create the perception of road safety among the public; publishing public spots; Together with the police and developing technology, it is effective methods to make the control mechanism healthy and continuous.
• Engineering measures can prevent the environmental factor. Asphalt type, which is used in plenty of rainy regions, can be preferred in regions with snowy climate. Improvements in road lighting have been found to prevent accidents at a rate of 60.
• The road factor can also be prevented by engineering measures. The most intense accidents in the city are seen at the intersections where all road users meet at the rate of% 45.


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