Renewed Roads in Ödemiş

Ödemişte Roads Renewed: Mayor of Ödemiş Mayor A.Mahmut Badem has completed the asphalt work on the main road passing through the district center by the Regional Directorate of Highways and with the support of the municipality, the roadside tretrage is renewed.
With the support of the municipality of Ödemiş, the ongoing tretrographic works will continue from the front of the bus terminal to Beşgöz. The sidewalks in front of the bus station were built by Hüseyin Son, Mayor of 1980. In 20 year after year, the pavements are renewed.
2 Highways has been carrying out studies in the district since September. Regional Directorate teams, from the entrance of Izmir Sim Bridge, Beşgöz district and Köktebaşı mosque in front of the Zungurlu cemetery continued until the 4 km on the road asphalted. From the front of the bus station to the Beşgöz location, it is planned to complete the pavement and pavement works by the end of the year.



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