Portable ramp for disabled people to Ödemiş City Train Station

📩 01/12/2018 16:15

Odemis city train station, a portable ramp for disabled people: people with disabilities have paid the City Railway Station, Turkey applied across the first 'portable ramp' and can easily get on or off the train.

I have paid with disabilities in the City Railway Station, Turkey applied across the first 'portable ramp' and can easily get on or off the train. The portable ramp, which can be easily moved, enables all kinds of disabled vehicles to get on and off the trains easily with its load carrying capacity of up to 250 kg.

portable ramp applied in Ödemis first time in train stations throughout Turkey, initially in November 81 Provincial Disabled when using the Meeting, TCDD for railways who prefer individuals with disabilities in transportation were prepared as special workshops in Izmir. Station Chief Osman Aktas, "Disabled portable ramp we prepare for our citizens in Izmir, Turkey is being used for the first time in Ödemis at stations throughout the country. We worked hard to catch up with the disabled people meeting in Ödemiş. The ramp, which has a load carrying capacity of up to 250 kg, can be moved by one person. While the wheels are fixed with the brake system, the handrails prevent any negative accident. The ramp, which can be used easily by battery cars, is always ready for service. "Our disabled citizens, who came to Ödemiş from all over the country, took many photos of the ramp in those days and wanted such practices to be implemented in the cities they live in," he said.

Stating that disabled individuals can easily get on the trains without a companion, Aktaş said, “When our disabled citizens who prefer the train ask for help from us, station staff and train staff, we immediately help. In this way, even if there is no companion with them, we immediately bring the portable ramp to the train and assist it at the landing and embarkation point. Our portable ramp service is only available at City Station in Ödemiş. Disabled citizens can easily choose the City Station for their travels, ”he said.

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