Muratpaşa Asphalt Works Continues

Muratpaşa continues its asphalt works: Asphalt teams of Muratpaşa Municipality continue their hot asphalt works day and night.
Meltem Mahallesi'nde continued the end of the ongoing studies, teams until late at night behind the courthouse Ismail Baha Sürelsan Street 60 truck covered with hot asphalt. The teams worked on the 510 meter-long avenue, with nearly a thousand square meters of hot asphalt working day and night without finishing the day.
Arif Kuş, the Director of Science Works, said that the teams were working on hot asphalt until late at night. “We will cover all of Meltem Mahallesi with hot asphalt and end our work. Behind the courthouse, Ismail Baha Sürelsan Caddesi has succeeded in covering our teams with hot asphalt in one day. I congratulate our asphalt team for their selfless work. We will continue to work in all our neighborhoods day and night Gece.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:29

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