Moscow Metro Station 196 Opened (Video)

The 196th station of the Moscow Metro opened: The 196th stop of the Moscow Metro opened on Monday. The opened Troparevo Station is expected to serve 200 thousand passengers a day.
The line is expected to carry direct passengers to Moscow's city center early next year.
Russia metro network. In the middle, the burgundy-colored line ensures that all stations operate interconnectively.

The Russian government plans to build 2020 more metro stations in Moscow by 78. The total length of the Moscow metro is 327.5 kilometers. The ruble's 40 percent depreciation against the dollar due to the Ukraine crisis since February is expected to put subway construction in a difficult position. In Istanbul, with the investments made in recent years, the total number of metro, tram and funicular stations reached 120. The total length of the metro, tram and funicular line in Istanbul is 116.1 kilometers.



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