Moldovan girl who came to Istanbul for vacation disappeared in subway

Moldovan Girl Coming to Istanbul for Vacation Disappeared on the Subway: A young Moldovan girl disappeared inside the subway in Istanbul, where she came for vacation. No news from the young girl for a week.

Moldovan Ana Gore (21) disappeared inside the metro in Istanbul, where she came for vacation. "I think my daughter was kidnapped," said Ana's mother, Liuba Gore, who has not been found for a week and has been living in Istanbul for 1 years.


Moldovan Ana Gore (21) came on vacation with her mother Liuba Gore in Istanbul 15 days ago. The two went for a ride on Sunday, December 7th. While mother Gore wanted to help a tourist fill Akbil in Taksim Metro, Ana suddenly disappeared.


The mother, who could not see her daughter, first called in the subway. Unable to find it, he asked the security guards for help. When the young girl, whose name was announced at the station, was not revealed, the mother returned to her home in Feriköy and when she could not see Ana, she applied to the police to ask for help. Liuba Gore, who filed for missing, claimed that Ana was abducted, stating that her daughter's cell phone and passport were at home.


Anne Gore, "I live in Turkey for 15 years. My daughter came on vacation but disappeared. I look for my daughter at night in entertainment centers in Taksim and its surroundings. He doesn't know Istanbul. I think he was kidnapped and held forcibly somewhere. Camera footage of the subway has not reached the police yet. Please find my daughter, ”he said. The police investigated the mobile phone that the young girl had left in her mother's bag.



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