In-Station Communication in Metro and Ankaray

In-Station Communication in Metro and Ankaray: It was decided to establish an indoor station system in Ankara Metropolitan Council under the Presidency of Deputy Chairman of the Council Ali İhsan Ölmez, to ensure uninterrupted communication in METRO and ANKARAY.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Ali İhsan Ölmez in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, METRO and ANKARAY decided to establish an in-station in-station system to ensure uninterrupted communication.

In the Presidency coming to the Assembly, in short, it is stated that there are demands for the passengers who are traveling in METRO and ANKARAY in order to establish an indoor station communication system in communication stations that mobile phones do not draw in these areas. and this system was leased for 10 years, unanimously, with the approval of the council members.

It was also discussed in the parliament by discussing the reports from the commissions. Accordingly, the report on the dissemination of women's shelters for women and men, the Commission report, Suluhan Bazaar in the fire as a result of providing support to the shopkeepers who suffered as a result of the winter, taking measures for people living on the street due to winter months and the Syrian Social Affairs Commission on parks and gardens report , report on the establishment of a clothes center for the needy, the report on the restoration of the Melike Hatun Kabri, located in the borders of the Historical Center, was read by unanimously reading the reports on the dissemination of animal husbandry in Beypazarı and the dissemination of Ankara Goat.



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