Infrastructure Works in Meram

Infrastructure Works in Meram: In the center of Konya, Meram District Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams continue to work in different districts of the district, opening new roads, road laying, asphalt pavement, border, parquet, trestle and other infrastructure.
Works by the teams of the Directorate of Science Kumobağı Street Gülbahçe Mahallesi continues to work. In this part of the street, the infrastructure is completed in the asphalt pavement and the remaining part of the infrastructure preparation work continues. Hot asphalt paving will be done after the infrastructure is completed. Road infrastructure works are also continuing at Bayat, one of the neighborhoods that are newly connected to the municipality.
Due to the appropriate weather conditions, parquet and border studies are also carried out in different districts of the district. Parquet-border studies are continuing in Gülbahçe, Osmangazi, Yunus Emre, İnlice, Alavardı, Topraksarnıç and Melikşah neighborhoods.
The other teams belonging to the Directorate of Science Affairs continue to stabilize in the neighborhoods of İnlice, Boyalı, Talafar and Kavak while the asphalt patching teams work in the Karahüyük and Gülbahçe neighborhoods.



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