Action in Mecidiyeköy Metrobus Station Tolls

Action at Mecidiyeköy Metrobus Station Tollbooths: A group that protested in Mecidiyeköy saying “We want humane transportation” jumped from the turnstiles and got on the metrobuses.

Some citizens who responded to the call of the protestors also supported the action by jumping from the turnstile. At that time, a woman who jumped from the tourniquet fell on a woman and fell on the camera.

Approximately 19.30 members of Halkevleri, who gathered at Mecidiyeköy Metrobus Station at around 30, protested by saying, "We want human transport". On Sunday, December 28 in their hands KadıköyThe protesters who had banners and foreign currency about the rally they held in Turkey shouted slogans for a while. Two people from the group distributed call notifications to the people coming from the metrobus.

After the press release, the government's urban policies made Istanbul uninhabitable, arguing that proj the common values ​​of the people of Istanbul, squares, parks, schools to the capital, while on the other hand, 'Crazy' projects in the construction of residences under the hunger limit of workers who are deprived of work security, condemned to death. Metrobus is a method which does not comply with the physical conditions of Istanbul and is temporarily found to solve the transportation problem in the short term. Met

After the announcement, the people in the group ik Akbil printing, jump from the turnstile eden shouting slogans jumped to the metrobus stop. . Some citizens who responded to the group's call also supported the action by jumping from the turnstile. A woman who jumped from the turnstile lost her balance and fell on a woman. This person was removed by the activists.

Citizens 10 minutes to walk through the acupuncture of the turnstile, the activists also distributed without incident. Some citizens did not abide by the call of the protestors, but the turnstile appeared.



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