First Aid Kit for Locomotive and Road Machinery

First aid kit for locomotive and road machinery fitted: TCDD 5. First aid kits were installed on locomotives and exposure machines to ensure the health and safety of the employees of the Regional Directorate.
The first aid kit was installed on the locomotives with the construction machines working in places far away from the settlements in order to provide the transportation of passengers and freight vehicles without interruption.
65 4 5 pose the first aid kit in the XNUMX posing work safety machine. Regional Coordinator Edip ERDOĞAN said that a significant need has been resolved. Erdogan said, larda Our work machines often work far away from settlements. Therefore, we had a shortage of materials to make the first intervention to workers in simple occupational accidents. Thanks to these bags, we have initiated such a study in order to be able to perform the first intervention effectively in injuries that may occur during the exposure studies. Ik
The installation of the remaining first aid kits in the 23 exposure tool will continue.



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