Diyarbakir logistics village for Middle East

Diyarbakýr logistics park for the Middle East: Diyarbakir Board MUSIAD Logistics 'New Turkey, Powerful Logistics' Logistics Industry Summit held its main theme. The establishment of a logistic village in Diyarbakır, which stands out with its proximity to the Middle East region at the summit, came up.
Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Logistics Sector Council, Karacadağ Development Agency Diyarbakir Investment Support Office and MUSIAD Diyarbakır Branch hosted the 'New Turkey, Powerful Logistics' was performed the main theme of Logistics Industry Summit Diyarbakir. At the summit, the issue of the construction of a logistic village for Diyarbakır's Middle East geography was discussed. Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce President Ahmet Sayar stated that s Diyarbakır is a city that is a candidate for becoming a logistic base with its location not far from the commercial centers and ports such as Erbil, Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad in the Middle East. Sayar tedir Diyarbakır, the incentive system to take place in the most advantageous region and the young and dynamic population with the average age of the 21, within the scope of the irrigation projects planned within the scope of the GAP and agriculture and agriculture-based sectors will be created with the potential of economic boom will create a leading region of the provinces, '' he said.
Important for the Middle East
Savar said: imiz The establishment of a logistic village in Diyarbakir is important not only for our province but also for the whole Middle East geography. We take intense demands on this as the room. We are reviewing and following up the logistics bases, logistics Specialized OIZ related changes and the Logistics Master plan which is currently carried out by the Ministry of Transportation. Our province was not included in the logistics base planned by TCDD. The legislation on Logistics OIZ has changed and the work has been started in the Logistics Master Plan, which will be formed by the Ministry of Transport. We want to take concrete steps for the operation of Diyarbakır's logistics center. Ir
MUSIAD Logistics Industry Chairman in his speech at the Emin Taha industry summit, developing countries are among one of the most vibrant economy in Turkey, Asia and said that a natural bridge function seen among each other by connecting the east and west of the European continent. Diyarbakır Governor Hüseyin Aksoy stated that in order to reveal the logistic potential of Diyarbakır and to determine the appropriate space for the logistics center, Spain should be taken as an example. There Zaragoza. Last week we had the opportunity to inspect this center. We consider that it is a good example for Diyarbakır. Diyarbak



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