Konya's New Tram Called Out

Konyaın New Tram has forwarded the old: Konya has seen one of the more familiar tramways. In the morning, the new trolley pushed the trolley, which went to work at the maintenance center. Which was again the citizen.

A new one has been added to the tramway failures in Konya. Breaking the old tram, the new tram pushed to the tram maintenance center by pushing. After about one hour after the malfunction of the citizens in the morning, the tram line became operational. Citizens who are late for their jobs and schools, 'Tram failures became an indispensable tradition for our Konya. We thank Konya Metropolitan Municipality Konya.


Another citizen who reported that the tramway malfunctions has become a chronic problem for the Citizen, said, “We got used to our jobs, and our children are getting used to being late because of tram failures to their school. What I'm curious about is why these trams are not going to fail. Although tram maintenance is done, the trams, which still have the potential for deterioration, go on passenger transportation. Tram


Another citizen no longer react to tram failures, said: tepki We are now used to these failures. Even the reaction does not come from within us. Officially, these malfunctions are no longer condemned. We've been on the road for about two hours and we're waiting. As you can see, the new trams run to help the old trams. In


Another citizen who draws attention to the fact that the problems about the old and new trams cannot be solved. There are narrow seats in the new one. People are forced to sit on their knees. The places where passengers will pass are very narrow and often people are unable to move inside the new tram. As you can see, the old one is constantly spoiling. It causes people to fail. İnsanlar




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