Konya Istanbul YHT Line How Many Times a Day


How many times a day will be in Konya Istanbul YHT Line: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Lütfi ELVAN will attend the Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train with the honors of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu. heralded that it will begin.

With YHT Konya-Istanbul is now the 4 hour artık

-Şeb-i Arus açıl ceremonies of the day before the opening will take place with the opening of Konya and Istanbul will be reunited with the Minister Elvan, Konya-Istanbul between the 10-11 hours by bus, 13 hours with conventional trains travel time, with the opening of the Konya-Istanbul line 4 said the clock would fall to 15 minutes.

Konya-İstanbul times Konya

Konya-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train, comfortable, safe, environment-friendly and economic that will increase the interest in the railway with Elvan, indicating that the 2 going 2 return to the day will start to serve as YHT'lerin will move from 6.10 and 18.35 Konya said. Istanbul (Pendik) 7.10 and 18.30 will move during the hours of YHT'lerin, Izmit, Arifiye, Bozüyük, Eskişehir and Konya heralded to serve the route.

Konya-Istanbul flights with the start of the High-Speed ​​Trains and movement times of a new arrangement was made Minister Elvan said accordingly; Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara between the daily 10 expedition, between Konya-Istanbul-Konya daily 4 expedition, Ankara-Konya-Ankara between the daily 14 expedition, Ankara-Eskisehir-Ankara between the daily 8 expedition announced a total of 36 High Speed ​​Train expeditions.

Konya-Istanbul 42,5 starting from TL X

4 hours between Konya and Istanbul 15 will give the opportunity to travel in the early days of the early ticketing passengers who will be able to travel at prices starting from TL 42,5 Elvan; Ken 85 TL with full ticket in economy type and with full ticket in business type seat can be traveled in exchange for 119 TL; young, teacher, members of the TSK, 60-64 age, press members, passengers with round-trip tickets at discounted rates, 20-7 aged and 12 passengers over the age of% 65 discount, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe travel he will find the opportunity. imkânı

On the other hand, with the commencement of the Konya-Istanbul flights, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi ELVAN heralds that YHT passengers will meet with the Bakanı Plus Haber service being offered in the Istanbul High Speed ​​Trains. said that he would have the opportunity to get hot food on his voyages.

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