City Council meeting discussed changing of highway name

At the City Council meeting, changing the name of the highway was discussed: The City Council held its first meeting in Orhangazi district of Bursa. The meeting held in the district hall of the district governorship and chaired by Bursa City Council President Semih Pala; Governor Mustafa Selman Yurdaer, Mayor Neşet Çağlayan, Chief Public Prosecutor Fatih Karabacak, Police Chief Ramazan Alıcı, representatives of some political parties, headmen, NGO representatives and representatives of public institutions. In the meeting, the City Council was introduced with a cinevision screening.
Bursa City Council President Semih Pala, the city council made information about the legislation. Pala, said that the structure of the city away from the political environment, the city council with the understanding of social balance line open to everyone and everyone working with the principle explained.
Orhangazi City Council President Hüseyin Burak said that they expect all sections of Orhangazi under this roof.
Mayor Neşet Çağlayan made a speech in the meeting and emphasized that he liked the slogan kullanıl For Everybody and Every Section layan which was used for City Council.
City Council, everyone who contributed to the work of every institution, the Governor of Orhangazi Governor Mustafa Selman Yurdaer the council will make a great contribution to the city, the city life, social and cultural life, said he thought would contribute greatly.
Participants were given the right to speak at the meeting. Halil Genç, Headman of Topselvi District, expressed his reaction to the change of the name of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway, which includes the City Bridge and the Bay Bridge. Halil Genç, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway as the name of the road that was tried to be changed to the name of Gebze-Bursa-Izmir Highway, stating that, Orhangazi wanted to create a platform to remain the same name. Bursa City Council President Semih Pala is a beautiful subject by expressing that a study can be done in this direction.
At the end of the meeting, Governor Mustafa Selman Yurdaer and Mayor Neşet Çağlayan presented a china plate to Semih Pala.

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