Highways contractors sinking

Highways contractors to sink: Construction Contractors Confederation (IMKON) President Tahir Tellioğlu, urban transformation, zoning law, financial audits and job security problems in the bureaucracy was hard. Finding the point reached in public tenders worried, IMKON President, "Today, the contractor is working with highways in the percentage of 90 is about to sink." He said.
Building Contractors Association of Turkey 3. Extended Construction Sector Assessment and Consultation Meeting yesterday Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu was organized in Ankara with the participation. President of IMKON Tellioğlu said in his speech, göre It is inevitable that the public procurement law will be revised again in accordance with the current conditions. İM
Tellioglu, the law of public procurement as of today is not realistic and applicable, he said. Since these laws are not applicable, Tellioglu said that 90 of the contractors working with highways today is about to sink and said, ığ Why is it about to sink? He can't pay. Why don't you make it work if you don't have money? You have to, but you did. Who are you gonna tell her? If you find someone you can tell? Bul Leaving many businessmen last year in Turkey in a difficult situation reviewers also the Finance audit Tellioğlu, that the tax rates too much in terms of diversity and emphasized that occur in different grading without due percent 55 around tax rate. Tellioğlu said, ım The examination of backward colleagues is not progressing very fairly. In Finance, something like: 'Sir, how much money do we need, so much. Which sector is moving, this is the place. Sir, let's get this out of here. ' In principle, doing this job is not very accurate to look at. Çok he said. Underlining that the contractors cannot be billed, Tellioğlu underlined that in practice, the contractor has paid the cost of the building inspection service but cannot process the invoice. Tellioglu said that there is a informality out of this, oğlu You also tolerate this informality. Therefore, you are accustomed to informal sector. Dolayısıyla

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