Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Director of Highways, was dismissed

General Manager of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan was dismissed: An earthquake occurred in the General Directorate of Highways. General Directorate of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Deputy General Managers Adnan Köklükaya, Erol Altun, Gökalp Yılmaz and heads of departments were dismissed.
The top management of Highways, which has been working on big projects such as the 3rd bridge and double roads for about 8 years, has completely changed. According to the information obtained, Uğur Kenan Adiloğlu, one of the two Deputy General Managers, was dismissed besides Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the General Director of Highways. In addition, 6 department heads working at the General Directorate of Highways were also among their posts.
In the operation, such as the silent earthquake in the General Directorate of Highways, assignments were made to the locations of those dismissed, except for the General Manager. Adnan Köklükaya, who is still deputy general manager, is looking at the General Directorate of Highways by proxy. Köklükaya was appointed as the Deputy Director General of Highways during the current Transport Minister Lütfu Elvan.
Accordingly, Gökalp Yılmaz, a former road official from Ankara's Altındağ District Municipality, was appointed as Deputy General Manager.
The dismissals at the General Directorate of Highways moved up to the departments. 10 out of 6 department heads changed.
The heads of the 6 flat were removed from office;
Enver İzkurt, Head of Business Administration Department; Head of Construction Department Hüsamettin Kırcı, Head of R & D Department Ahmet Gürkan Güngör, Head of Immovables Department Mustafa Görgün, Head of Department of Projects, İsmail Çağlar and Head of Program Monitoring Department Kamuran Yazıcı.
The heads of the flats removed from the office were replaced by jet-speed assignments. Heads of the Department as of yesterday, the appointment is as follows; Head of Business Administration Emin Ener, Head of R & D Department Birol Demir, Head of Research-Project Department Kürşad Koç.
Who is Mehmet Cahit Turhan?
29 Mehmet Cahit TURHAN, born in April 1960 in Trabzon, graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Construction Department in 1981. After completing his military service as a Reserve Officer between 16.4.1982-31.7.1983, TURHAN started his career at 16.1.1985 on 17. Regional Directorate of Kapikule-Edirne Road (Edirne Kent Crossing) Turhan completed his master's degree at the same year on 26.11.1986 at 15.8.1988. He worked as bureau engineer on 15.11.1990, control engineer on 12.9.1994 and XNUMX appointed as Çatalca Interchange (TEM) Çatalca Interchange Road Motor Construction Control Chief on XNUMX.
1 1997 on April 17 Highways Istanbul. Chief Engineer of Motorway Maintenance at Regional Directorate, Engineer of Engineer on 7.12.1998, Engineer of 19.10.1999 on 17. Appointed as Regional Assistant Manager, TURHAN was appointed as Regional Manager at 11.11.2002 in 18.6.2003, and was appointed as a proxy on XNUMX.
17 Mehmet Cahit TURHAN, who was appointed to the 2003 history as Deputy Director General in charge of 20.7.2005 on October 29.12.2005, has been appointed as General Manager of 16.01.2006 since XNUMX.

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