Kargı Intersection Statement by the Regional Directorate of Highways

Kargı Junction Statement from the Regional Directorate of Highways: Samsun Regional Directorate of Highways stated that the accidents that occurred in the Kargı District of Çorum were caused by driver errors.
Last week, the death of 2, 5 wounded in the accident, Beygircioğlu Kargı junction came to the agenda again. After many years of work in the intersection that occurred in the traffic junction that occurred many years of mortal and material damage, the location of the intersection was opened and put into service.
Traffic accidents in Turkey's blind spot of relocating the intersection regarded as one could not avoid the accident. After the location of the intersection of the accident occurred and many errors made in the construction of the intersection of the citizens of the Prime Minister's Contact Center (bimer) was on the shower.
In the first days when the intersection was changed and opened to service, a citizen named Yahya Devrez, who used the intersection, stated that he reported the deficiencies he observed to the authorities via BİMER that day and said, “The intersection was made with mistakes in its new form, with more accidents than before. A driver who wants to return to Kargı from the direction of Tosya has to reduce his speed by 10-20 in the left lane, which is the speed lane. It is impossible for the vehicle coming from behind not to hit the vehicle that wants to turn. I conveyed this complaint in the first days of the intersection. Despite the fact that the intersection was built for a short time, dozens of fatal and material damage traffic accidents occurred show how appropriate the reactions to the intersection. At the intersection, prevention should be taken as soon as possible. ''
On the other hand, citizens are complaining to BİMER by means of social media. Regional Director of the Regional Deputy Director Mustafa Reis signature was given.
The following statements were included in the reply; Regarding the construction works of the aforementioned 15th Section Hud.- Osmancık Road (including Osmancık city crossing) Road Km 194 + 400 - 247 + 500 section, the necessary investigations have been made regarding the Kargı Crossing Junction Area in the variant project, the construction of which is specified in the relevant petition, completed this year. .
In the former project, the horizontal curvature of the S5 is 308 m, the vertical curvature at Km: 199 + 420 and the longitudinal slope is 6,75 and the distance between the intersections is low. In the new variant project, the horizontal axis was shifted to the south and the horizontal curve was taken out of 750 and the vertical curve was shifted to Km: 198 + 840 and the longitudinal slope was reduced by 3,766.
Beygircioğlu junction and connection roads were constructed at Km: 198 + 918 and the distance between the intersections was increased. Manufacturing projects have been completed in accordance with the project, the said accidents are thought to be caused by driver errors' said.

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